Hulk Hogans fan following

Since Hogan knows best do you guys think his fans have realized he's a grumpy old man and gone off him a bit?

 I mean I still have a lot of respect for him and I think he's hamming it up a bit in the series but looking at the Rumble thread he went out pretty quickly. Is this a general reflection or do you guys just not like him full stop?

I have never really liked him at all.

i think he's losing his appeal.

Monday the fans didn't really care for him.

I think the fans are realizing that he's only doing it to promote Brooke, and it's kinda hard watching him hobble around at this point. But I'm still a Hulkamaniac 4 LIFE!!!

Flair did the same match every week though and still does.Not much different imo

I liked him as a heel in AWA, and I'm sure I marked out for him as a kid, but he's not over at all now.

I used to see him in Clearwater at his wife's old restaurant. I think it was called "The French Hen". It wasn't a "dressy" place, but I never saw him without a doorag and tank top.

Think people are just bored with him.

I really don't get it, such a nostalgia factor. The crowd reaction he got last night was huge, so I guess I'm wrong about him being over.

How in the hell can a guy with three moves (one being pointing his finger at his opponent and screaming "You!") be so popular now? Couple that with his recent knee injury and JR bringing up the fact that his other knee has been replaced and he has one artificial hip. The guy could hardly walk last night.

The Legend Killer lost to the handicapped. Shouldn't have smoked that joint backstage Randy.