Hulk Trailer....... namer, please........

Oh fuck year. Abomination smackdown.


They showed alot in that trailer! Finally a smackdown worthy of the Hulk. Abomination looks badass, and Hulk looks waaaaaaay better than Ang Lee's. More of a muted green with better hair, than the the green marshmallow man from before. They're doing it right this time.


oh my stars.....that looks great

Trailer looked good, but the CGI models for Hulk and Abom looked subpar, imo. Maybe it had less to do with the CGI and more to do with the overall character design.

Lost Boys 2 trailer!

Well, the new Hulk looks less human but more Savage Hulk - as he should. I do think She-Hulk, if she shows up in sequal, should be played by a CGI enhanced human (like the ho from Mutant X).

Fuck the She-Hulk man, there is no way that character would transfer to movie medium well at all.

The trailer has me pumped!

Even Flatty Pratt??

I thought the Ang Lee Hulk looked a lot better. In fact I thought a lot of the CGI there looked bad. Not a fan of the way Abomination looks at all.

Not trying to be pessimistic, just imo.

CGI looks floaty =( They should use more minuatures or replicas mixed with CGI.

Now Ironman trailer looks really good (metal textures are easier to make real life looking).

I don't think that CGI had gone through final rendering. THe previews for Hulk 04 weren't any better.

Oh hell yeah! Hulk and Iron Man this summer!

Yes this looks good!

 Maybe but figure for a studio to sink millions into a 'so soon' remake, the script might actually be pretty good.  This does not mean the end product will be, but it does help.

The vast majority of people are as thick as, well, the savage Hulk. They won't remember the previous film, and if they do they won't care.

Does the trailer look good?

Will the TV and magazines tell them to go watch?

Those are the only questions that really matter