Hulk vs Blackbolt

After reading hulk vs yoda,i wondered if Hulk would be able to twist blackbolts sonic waves,or whatever the fuck it was that wrecks shit when he talks

He likely has defense against it - his sonic boom hand claps move tanks and shit

im joking

Two of my favorite characters.....along with the Surfer. Hulk has gone against the Inhumans twice that I can recall.....once in Giant Size Hulk #1 from WAYYYYY back in the day. Black Bolt had to whisper in Hulk's ear to ko him but he wasn't out for long. The second round was from the Inhumans series in the 70s. Black Bolt used his energy plume to calm Hulk down, but only after he was knocking their sh!t around. Make no mistake though, Black Bolt is bad a$$, in addition to being able to hang with the likes of the SubMariner and the THing in the strength department, he's got the voice, the and energy blasts/manipulation ability that makes him top 10 in terms of bad a$$e$.......

Imagine Hulk wading through the sound wave escaping Black Bolt's lips, slowly plodding toward him, the "sonic winds" that artists always seem to draw when BB uses his powers buffetting him as he gets ever closer, until he claps his hand over Black Bolt's mouth and breaks his jaw then hurls him into the stratosphere.


Attn: the-powers-that-be

Please hire kneeblock to write one of your comics. I understand Wonder Woman (for DC) and Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk (for Marvel) have trouble getting published on time, perhaps giving him a shot at those would be a good start.


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Only problem is that Hulk couldn't walk through Blackbolts sonic waves, he'd be blasted to hell.

Think about it though, Black Bolt whispered in his ear and stopped him.

Black Bolt has the speed, skill, and power to get right up to Hulk, now imagine him screaming in his face.

Bye by Hulk. when Blackbolt is banging Crystal...he doesn't go ugh ugh ugh ahhhhhhhhhhhh...cause he does that he would destroy the continent?

KNEE is a genius. LOL...I can imagine u writing that scene and being drawn by JIM LEE.

Like when he drew the hulk walking through Vectors matter repelling blast with his flesh being ripped fro hi body? Yeah that would be cool.

ArmbarKing, that was sick! Remember the look on Vector's face?

Damn straight, he was doing a big, WTF?!?!?

One of my favorite moments in any comic ever. Hulk is not only the strongest one there is, he surely is the baddest. Juggernaut what!

I'm witcha Armbarking......I'm witcha......Juggernaut shmuggernaut. I know Skarhead agrees with us too......

Was a bullshit fight. I think Blackbolt is a skrull.

Hulk's skin used to be inviolable, now it isn't. Whatever.

That last story was complete CRAP. If Blackbolt REALLY let loose Hulk would have been blown into smithereens.

I mean Hercules dropped him hard in last issue. A fully powered Blackbolt would reduce him to atoms. The last story made ZERO sense , unless of course Blackbolt was a SKRULL !!

Let's not diminish Hercules' power, which rivals Thor on strength alone.....he can drop pretty much anybody if he as a clean shot on them as he did on the Hulk. Hulk got right up of course and there wasn't really any damage done......

its not a point of how powerful black bolt is. hes VASTLY more powerful than the hulk, he just cant use his full power because it would destroy the moon. which is where he, his family, and his subjects live. its like two guys getting into a fight at a family picnic and one is armed with a spear and the other is armed with a nuclear bomb. if the guy with the bomb is sane, the spear guy will win that fight, even though his potential destructive power is far less

But he wouldn't have to use his full power (which when focused is enough to rip through the fabric of space and time) even an even toned "Go Away" would blow hulk back into space, it could get very boring with him blowing the green guy thousands of miles only to have him return a few minutes later, but hey, it would make a funny giant sized book "WWH Blackbolt: A day in the life"