Hulk Wins Gold @ Worlds

Gold in Freestyle Wrestling, and bronze in Greco Roman Wrestling at the World Police & Fire Games in Quebec.



hulk smashed me at the GTA with his sickass wrestling. super nice guy too

Wow.  Congrats Shawn!

ttt. thats really great news. at least now i fele better knowing that i am getting tossed around by the worlds best cop/wrestler :) good work ..


It's all those months of practising on me I bet

congrats shawn


congrats shawn!!!

Way to go Shawn!

good job bro


Congrats Shawn...


Congrats Homo!!

Congrats Shawn no one was more deserving.

Thanks for the support!  It was exciting to get back competing in amateur wrestling after a lay-off of six years or so.  A lot of the rules have chanced since I last stepped on the wrestling mat, so I didn't really know what to expect.  The best part about the whole experience was having my father corner me, just like the old days.  For those of you that know my father, it is more of a sport to watch him in the corner (Kind of like having Bobby Knight in your corner, only Pops is about 275lbs).

Thanks to all you guys that helped me train: KATA Crew, Marcell, Claude Patrick, Mark Strickland, U.W.O. wrestling team (guess that might include Canario, when he's not hugging a toilet), Chris Cox, and all the guys from work that came out and watched. 

I wasn't hugging the toilet, I was embracing it.