Human Hybridization Explained

OK to SuperiorMan and his alt accounts, thanks for hopping on and telling us the video is wrong and stupid while not watching it because you got some kinda degree from a junior college. I appreciate that input and that added a lot to the discussion. I guess for the rest of us we can continue discussing in peace please.

I watched it thats why i countered its specific point regarding sickle cell anaemia distribution (which he lied about) and then destroyed his credibility in my next post thereafter.

You’re a shit troll

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All you’ve done is argue white people get sickle cell anemia at the same rate as blacks. Pretty funny shit lol.

Pls tell us about your degree again.

Have i mentioned my wife is Dr???

No I havent Ive simply countered his claim that sickel cell is limited in its distribution to Africa.

How many times do I need to repeat myself? hes a faux scientists who was outted by my second post, mother fuckers job was listed as “sales” and education as “high school”


Sounds like you have arrived well done!

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All they are capable is personal attacks and trying to derail the conversations that they started themselves.

Pathetic bunch of middle aged losers

Africa is the only place where you find people that are 100% homo sapiens, lacking neanderthal genes. If his theory is right, wouldn’t it be the opposite?
And the whole thing about different blood types correlating with specific personality traits also seems a bit weird.

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Please stop confusing them with facts, these are middle aged Karens that will just lash out with personal attacks

Op hates plumbers because they out earn him. How much did that college charge to teach you how a shovel works?

Lmao @ Camel Speak



Do you know how to read?

You’ve launched quite a few personal attacks in this thread.

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Watch it again, sub Saharan Africans are descend from home erectus most likely


I haven’t watched the video but you’re wrong on Africans not being hybrids. They are, too.