Human Resources

Do Fortune 500 companies check resume info like actual SAT scores and college. Was having a debate with ppl that bum around at college all day who openly tell me they can write whatever they want cause no-one checks anyway. Is that true???

From what I've learned (and seen), you've gotta be pretty careful when you lie to HR during the hiring process. If any of those lies come out, they can get you canned in the future on the basis that you were dishonest in your application procedure.

Which might never be an issue, but if a superior starts having problems with you, it gives him/her a very easy way to shitcan you if they find out, even years down the road.

Of course, this may be subject to state/provincial laws, but it's generally a bad idea to lie to HR.

so these guys juicing up their resumes are playing with fire, right?

When I got my first job, I had to have my transcript sent from the college to my employer.

My wife had to do the same thing for a job she got 3-4 years after graduation. You can get caught. Your offer will be immediatedly recended if you are caught lying.