Human traffic Gaetz?

Post em

What about me, what about me!!!

Starting to sound like Gaetz’s goose is cooked

Gaetz new name is Sex Ed.

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Joel Greenberg isn’t the most reliable witness and so far it doesn’t sound like he has provided evidence that will put Gaetz behind bars.

As much as he likes to pay young ladies for sex as long as they aren’t underage then it doesn’t seem like he did anything illegal, even as ascumbaggish as it might seem.

It all relies on the girl that was under age. If she did lie and he did have sex with her is he still liable under whatever law he could have been charged with?

Where did you get this information?

Outside of a handful of brothels, Prostitution is illegal in this country, underage or not.

Have you not been paying attention.

What have you seen that proves he’s guilty? I haven’t seen anything that exonerated him or makes him guilty.

Is sugar daddiing prostitution? If so they would have enough evidence already to book him of that was the case

Greenberg plead guilty and yet still no charges on Gaetz.

Maybe they just don’t have a solid case.

You’re the one who said the evidence so far has been insufficient to put Gaetz behind bars. How exactly would you know? You’re FBI, or your dad is? You have inside information?

You think they’re going to publicize all the inside skinny from Greenberg and jeopardize the case before it gets to court?

Lol cause they would have charged him.

Gaetz was not mentioned in the plea agreement or during the court hearing. But Greenberg’s cooperation – as a key figure in the investigation and a close ally of Gaetz’s – may escalate the potential legal and political liability that the firebrand Republican congressman is facing

Has anybody ne learned anything from the past 5 years. Anonymous sources and people familiar with the investigation are not reliable sources of information.

How many times have people been led astray from those types of sources?

Just the other day there was a story of project veritas and company trying to set up a sting to take down a political figure…

Maybe everyone should stop being so quick to pass judgement.

This shit can take weeks or months to play out before charges are laid. If anyone is jumping to conclusions here, it’s you.

Greenberg entered a plea agreement that led prosecutors to drop some 27 charges against him. That’s not something they would do unless a) The 27 other charges were weak cases and/or b) he had reliable information on crimes committed by people much more important than him.

I doubt (a) is true as Greenberg is clearly one of the stupidest criminals of all time. He stalked a rival candidate by creating fake profiles and stories from his own pc/laptop, without masking his IP. That’s just one.

I don’t think there’s anything public that guarantees Matt is the primary subject of whatever Greenberg is going to rat about, but it’s clear they had their own little “Rich, entitled assholes” social club going. So the dots are not completely connected but it would be a major shock if Gaetz isn’t indicted on something related to what Greenberg is facing regarding prostitutes, possibly underage ones.

So is cocaine, or bringing people across state lines for the purposes of sex, which technically is trafficking.

You do realize this takes time, right?

And one more for @Unkind_Zuffa !!

Someone send Gaetz a calendar with the dates that tell him when the fruit is ripe.

Did you take a look at some of the charges they dropped?

Biggest charge dropped was one of the sex offense charges

Prosecutors have dropped four domestic violence charges, nine fraud charges and one other sex trafficking charge.

There’s clearly not 27 charges there. Anyone know what else was dropped? I can’t seem to recall