Hume 2 fight on 5/23 Pride Bushido

Hey guys,

A while back I created a thread stating that Matt Hume was going to fight in a future Pride Bushido show. Well, his time has come. Matt is set to fight on the May 23rd Bushido card. As of now his opponent is not confirmed. I will update you guys as I learn more.

TTT for Matt Hume/AMC!!!!

Who are some probable opponents?

Sakurai or Takase maybe?

Both Sakurai and Takase would easily beat Hume IMO.

However I am looking forward to him in Bushido and I think the matchups with Takase or Sakurai would be very entertaining


There are 2-3 possible opponents but he hasn't said any names.

That bushido card should be good if ralph vs gomi happens, and hume fights.

Kondo vs vanderlei is confirmed already.

Ralph GOMI?!?!!!!!!

That would be a agressive great fight.

Good to see Hume back.

Excellent card so far, it will also have Rampage vs. Arona more than likely.

Hope it same day and not a month later on PPV.

Is Chris Brennan at the same weight? How about Hume/Brennan? *edited for typo*

I will take a screen name bet that neither Takase or Sakurai would beat Hume.

Hume would school them -

Cool news looking forward to see him fight again.

I know who he's fighting. I cannot say though as
the opponent may change.

I like Hume/Brennan, too.

As soon as I saw this I thought the opponent should be Brennan.

I see this card as being a very good card.

Rampage better finish his fight, you don't want to go to decision with Arona. I'll leave it at that.

"I know who he's fighting. I cannot say though as the opponent may change."

thanks for the cocktease fucker... ;)

To clarify what Hallman said it was Hume will not fight again, at least not a credible opponent.

Hume walks around 170-175. I too, would love to see him fight Brennan.


Maybe Matt Hume Vs. Ricco Rodriguez, because Ricco is pissed at Hume for giving the decision to Nog.

Or like Kakuta fighting in K-1.