Humongous Pig!

There are pigs, then there are big pigs, and then there is another class called humongous. The pig Marshall Powell and his hunting buddies killed in Johnson County falls into the upper end of that humongous-hog category. The pig, killed near Wrightsville in an Oconee River swamp, weighed 890 pounds. By any designation, that's a truck-load of pig. Marshall said that on Tuesday, Oct. 8 he was on family property when he ran across the hog standing in the middle of a woods road. "He was so big I didn't know what it was at first," said Marshall. He tried to follow the pig but could not locate it again. "I have some friends who have hog dogs, and I went and got them," he said. At about 9:30 that night, Marshall, six friends and three dogs returned to the area. It took about an hour for the dogs to air scent the pig. "They bayed it on a river-swamp flat near the Oconee River," said Marshall. "But it got loose, and at first it ran at us, then took off." When they saw the size of the pig they were dealing with, the plan to catch the hog was dropped in favor of of the plan to shoot it, and at the next opportunity that's what they did. "I don't take credit for killing the pig," said Marshall. "It was definitely a group effort." The pig fell near a 4-wheeler track, and they were able to drag the hog out. It took a tractor to lift it into a truck bed. The hog was taken to Roach Manufacturing in Wrightsville where it was weighed on certified scales. The pig, which measured 7 feet long from its snout to the base of its tail, weighed in at a whopping 890 pounds. The humongous pig was almost certainly an escapee from a feed lot somewhere in the area. Game biologists say life-long free-ranging hogs rarely exceed 300 or 400 pounds simply because they can't find enough food to eat to maintain a high body weight. "Nobody had seen the hog before, and nobody knows where it came from," said Marshall. "It was way back in a river swamp, and judging from the rooting, it had been there a long time."

that's lotsa pulled pork :) ARe you one of those fellas in the pic?

No. I live several hours away from there.

I did miss a shot a nice boar.

if i saw that hog in the wild I would shat in my drawers.

thats insane!

Looks like my date from last week

wow,that's alot of bacon.

I've never taken one that big. However, the largest I have taken, around 350#, tastest like candy when I cured it.

thats a big pig must be hard to carry it

Rahknee - What was the point of shooting it again?


Ever try that magical food called "bacon"?

imagine what a knife fight with that fucker would be like...............shiiiiiit that is a beast!

Ive seen a 700-800lb stud boar @ a pork xpo once!

CAMEL KILLER - I would have let it live.  I'm guessing that a much smaller pig tastes better..

 If it had managed to live/survive to get that big I'd LEAVE IT BE. I would MUCH rather shoot, and eat 3 - 300lb hogs than that poor old porker  (besides my arrow would prolly just piss him off!!!) . I'd be VERY interested to see what age the local biologist thought it was. any guesses/info?? 

that's a big hog.A fella in this part of the world raises red wattle hogs.The boars are routinely 1000+ with very little fat.

Wish there were more wild pigs around here. Too many coyotes.

 for real yo

and part of me thinks it was probably a fucking blast chasing a 900 lb hogaround in the middle of the night with a bunch of buddies.

^^^^^^^^^^^^ this

Thats messed up, my mate wants us to go pig hunting at one of the State forests here. I'll be bringing my big gun after seeing that pic... and a backup, and a big knife, and a backup knife, and an axe.

hell yes.

gives me hope that someday ill see a beast of an animal like this

I have hunted lots of hog. I don't really post pictures on here, I just put em up on facebook. But man I have got some monsters in Central Texas.. We sneek up on them in the dark. Get really close to them. Its creepy at times. We don't use dogs.