Humvee turret?

Asked a bunch of army and marine buddies yet they don't man humvee gun turrets so didn't find an answer yet.

How does the machine gun turrent on a humvee traverse/spin around? Is it electric and if so where's the controls that make it spin? Or is it purely mechancial and the soldier has to move his legs to make it rotate?


The humvee turret must be moved by the soldier mechanically. There's a simple circular lever you grab onto, pull up, and then rotate with legs as one sees fit before locking down again.


Pop the brake (I've seen a couple different types), and leaning with the small of your back to the rear part of the turret you rotate with your legs.

The weight of the turret can be heavy depending on the weapon system and the armoring, also how well its been greased.

There are totally automated turrets now that soldiers sit and control from within like a video game.

Thanks guys. i'm assuming during combat you generally want the brake unlocked. Been trying to figure this one out for awhile. I guess I shouldn't underestimate this forum... the question was answered in less than an hour! I almost about to write mail call about it. :P

Nah, you want it locked down. If it's not, the whole system will move around when the truck turns and when some of the mountable guns fire, e.g. .50 cal. The weapon systems themselves are on mounts that allow for movement. A lot of the time even the weapon mounts are locked down using something called a TnE, which is adjustable in very small increments.