Hung Like Horse

I want to introduce myself: In the game I am known as Jonny Wow, Jonny Hung, and Really Raw!! My goal in MMA and for this site is too simply dominate weak guys!!!! I dont respect pussy whipped guys, I dont respect guys that only wrestle, and I dont respect guys that say boxers are tougher that Mixed Martial Artists. I am the purest form of fighter, I am a physical speciman, I bang women for sport, I listen to Gangsta Rap, no not fat joe, 50 cent or Nelly I said Gangsta Rap! Jonny Wow is coming, I will prepare to make my first statement on this site by calling out Paul Walker to a fight, Pride Rules. AFTER the 1st rd submission I will then star in Into The Blue 2 and WOW will make his mark on Hollywood. I wont every sellout!!!!!! I AM THE RAWEST CAT IN THE GAME

Shots out to Jon Future for that raw Can Opener he pulled off on Friday Nite!!!!!!

Oh my..... This is going to be interesting.

Study Hall is over. Time to get back to class.

DJones ? ^

You have to have a myspace page, PLEASE share it with us.


I think I'm going to call you Johnny Rainbow.

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ttt for WOW a modern day hero