“Hungary has no place in EU any more” for LGBT stance

The Dutch Prime Minister has shunned Hungary for passing a law that bans schools from promoting LGBT values to children.

So happy Britain left these loons behind.


I gues you could say the Dutch Prime Minister CLAPS BACK at Hungary.


Can’t wait until this LGBT shit is no more. It’s so tiresome.


I’d agree but I think once this is normalised they’ll push other, further minute agendas.


What the fook are LBGTQ values? Suck as much dick as possible no matter what its attached too? Of course we dont want to teach that to kids! Unless your last name is Biden then your probably okay with it…


It’s so bizarre. The European Commission President said it “Discriminates against people on the basis of their sexual orientation”. Interesting how she said ‘people’ and not ‘children’ cause the latter would sound ridiculous.


How dare Hungary have different cultural values than the Dutch. What arrogance


LOL I doubt Hungary will lose sleep over it.


Well they benefit from EU membership to the tune of 5 billion euros annually plus whatever tariff-free trading brings them. It’s interesting to me a major political power is essentially willing to sanction another country for their views on LGBT as if it’s the equivalent of major human rights issues.


That’s true and they already tried it a couple of times with pedophilia. However, at some point society falls apart.
A comparison with Weimar and the SU is apt.

Weimar was so bad yet the enemy was openly comfortable with it that normies finally woke up. Hitler saved Germany in record time and the many glorified depravities (the first lgbt “operation”, open child prostitution, perverted serial murderers etc) were immediately overcome. Today people think that Weimar was exciting and a cool place to party because of misinformation. Just googling will provide a plethora of harmless articles. But it was horrible for 98% of all people. Pimping out yourself and your child is a nightmare.
We know who the culprits were and who glorified it back then and who glorifies it today.

The SU had a short lived post revolutionary period where everything was allowed and the jew-led state successfully dissoluted every fundament of society. Girls were forced en masse to pimp themselves out by the state. Family homes were forcefully converted into communal living spaces. Young men were forced to collaborate in genocides.
Yet again such a nightmare can’t last. A power hungry Stalin overthrew the rotten system from within, reapplied a different type of terror and purged many jews as he pursued his ambition for world conquest. When the third Reich came close to his throat with a preemptive attack at the last minute, he had to ease the thumbscrews again and apply more common sense. Pedos were thrown into camps, priests were released, many deathcamps became quite survivable etc.


Hungarians overwhelming support membership in the EU. It isn’t even close. Their entire economy is built around being an EU member and they receive a ton of money directly every year.

Orban passing a Putin-esque anti-LGBT law is bad, but I worry that reacting so strongly to stuff like this while, comparatively, ignoring the anti-democratic stuff is just playing into his hands.

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There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch.


I don’t think it is bad (I am taking it at face value so there could be more to it). It states this law is specifically to prevent teaching LGBT content in schools. Orban commented on support of LGBT just not in schools as he wants the parents to have some control over what their kids are exposed to. As a parent myself I welcome this. I’ll discuss these when my child is mentally mature enough to comprehend it.

I believe this is all to put pressure on the Orban government and they have no intention of throwing them out but the threat itself just doesn’t sit well with me. There were a lot of comments about sovereignty and the ability to pass laws as member states of the EU when Brexit came up. This shows the EU will bully those who do not comply with their world view.


It’s bad because Orban is a fake gatekeeper. But gatekeepers are kept very carefully in check by they system. Just as Soros is a boogeyman, so is his counterpart Orban. Both are part of the Finklestein system.
“Resisting” LGBT for a few years is the most you can allow, under great protest.

In a sane world LGBT would obviously not fly. You’d incarcerate the criminal elements. Some would get therapy. Others would do their pervy stuff in private- everyone’s happy save for a couple of people and 99% less kids would be abused.


Where did you get that from?

LGBTQ values have no place in the education system, especially for small children. That being said, we still have to teach our children to respect the choices of others.


Oh course but that comes up when your kid says ‘why does Pedro have 2 dads?’. We’re so quick to spoil their innocence.


That highlights the problem though doesn’t it? The ppl with money are oppressing poor ppl with different values than them. They can have their culture or money, pick one




Because he’s a degenerate who loves corrupting European cultures.