Hungry Hungry Hippos coming to a theater near you

What the fack is wrong with Hollywood and who would greenlight this shit?

Hungry Hungry Hippos: The Movie’ is a real thing. We hope you’re sitting down for this. It may be too late because the headline alone probably made you faint but the news only gets worse from here. The joke that people made when ‘Battleship’ was coming out is now actually happening for real. ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos: The Movie’ you guys.
The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Hasbro, the company that teamed with Universal to bring you ‘Battleship,’ has signed a new deal to bring three of their properties to the movies. Those three games are ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos,’ ‘Monopoly’ and the toy Action Man. ‘Monopoly’ had previously been in development at Universal with Ridley Scott and is now part of the new deal (Scott remains involved in a producing capacity).

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Wtf Phone Post

Tic Tack Toe: The Motion Picture. (3D)

Staring Daniel Day Lewis as Captain X and Morgan Freeman as Admiral O. Phone Post

What in the actual fuck, get m knight shamylan to direct it while they're at it Phone Post 3.0

An Action Man movie? Are they going to dub English accents into the G.I. Joe movie? Phone Post 3.0

The movie industry must seriously have some of the dumbest people on the planet working for them.

Ill remember all of you when I make it big Phone Post 3.0

Chutes and Ladders starring Bruce Willis is going to be a summer blockbuster. Phone Post

MrFluffyHippo - Ill remember all of you when I make it big Phone Post 3.0
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Staring Kim K? Phone Post

Cotton - Staring Kim K? Phone Post
Not a good fit.

Kim K only gobbles black balls.

If they stay true to the original, only male they could cast would be Kris Humphries. Phone Post 3.0

What next, clue? Phone Post 3.0

checkuroil - What next, clue? Phone Post 3.0

UNO:There can only be one! Phone Post

checkuroil - What next, clue? Phone Post 3.0

Us older OGers see what you did there, with the wrench, in the dining room... Phone Post

Action man is the shit i still have all the ones i collected back in the day Phone Post