hunt had only 3 days notice?

so to me that nullifys his weight advantage. he was fighting the 2nd best fighter in pride (fedors 1st)

mark hunt kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He may have partied hard at Christmas too, so its even more amazing.

ttt for hunttttttttttttttttttt

Silva went form a guy he beat the crap out of 3 times to a guy who out weighed him by 50 pounds and is strong as a bull and has won a K1- Grnad Prix...with 3 days notice.

silva was stumbling down queer street for most of that fight, and didn't mount much offense on the ground or ever hurt hunt. hunt amazed me with his conditioning, coolness, and agility in the scrambles.

beat down, pure and simple. anyone who says wandy won that is smokin.

"beat down, pure and simple. anyone who says wandy won that is smokin."

I agree about the beatdown but i give it to Wand...course i was smokin

Hunt had been on the card previously, fighting someone else and then the fight was dropped, yes? So he was training and knew he may fight, but not who. Wanderlei didn't know who he was fighting until a few days before the fight either - so they both get props in my book for stepping up on short notice. Wanderlei was cutting to fight Sakuraba and wound up fighting a super-heavy instead!