Hunt: "I can knock out anyone on this planet."

Mark Hunt destroys what he hits AND quotes Mr. Miyagi? NO CAN DEFENSE

Bellydat Phone Post 3.0

I wouldn't argue that...

His next challenge knows how hard he hits. And is a tad bit better on the ground than Big Sexy.  I hope it isn't similar to the AO fight.  As upset as I was to hear that Cain was injured, I get it. I like this match-up. I'm interested.

I want to see him and Big Country go at it. Just kidding. War Mark.



Roberto Silva - JDS disagrees Phone Post 3.0
I think he's saying if he catches anyone flush, he can knock them out. Phone Post 3.0

Hunt is a fucken boss i cant wait too see him throw those massive canned hams Phone Post 3.0

Homer begs to differ.
War hunto Phone Post 3.0

I am positive if he connects with anyone they going to sleep. Phone Post 3.0