Hunt vs. CroCop in MMA - who wins?

Who wins this one and why?

Whoever is the better kickboxer IMO. I doubt that either would try to grapple, so I think it would be a standup battle. I'm on the fence as to how that would go, but I am leaning more towards Hunt.

yeah, hunt took CC left kick and didn't get KO'ed but got an eight count. In Pride CC would have finnished him with stomps or something.

I think CC would win, but I would be hoping for Hunt.

CroCop by standup war. If it were to go to the ground and crocop was on top, i think he'd waste Mark on the ground. As much as i dislike CroCop, he'd win.


I asked this same question in a thread when Hunt first fought Yoshida. Everyone was kind of pissed that I asked it for some reason. I think it would very interesting to watch, but I believe it would go the distance and their is no telling who the judges will pick.

The are both very tough guys, it would be interesting.

i think hunt would win a stand up war!

Cro Cop, due to his speed and experience in MMA.

I'll put $1K on Hunt in this happens. He's got Crocop's number in MMA. If Silva and Yoshida had problems with him on the ground, and if Silva couldn't stomp his head in the zillion chances he got, I doubt Crocop will.

And don't forget: the only real evidence we have of how Crocop fights off his back is against Waterman (who was ready to have a heart attack) and Nogueira. We've got some evidence of what Hunt does to people from the top. Ouch.

I'm really glad Hunt made the move. He seems like a natural for this stuff. Moreso than Crocop IMO.