Hunt vs JDS : best boxing

I think this is a matchup of some of the best boxing in the HW division, I'd buy a hunt headliner for the title over mir vs junior, givin mirs recent slump of overhyped fights ( minus nog boxing him up, then getting arm snapped)

I think hunt is more experienced and can take a better shot btw Phone Post

Hunt VS JDS is easily the better fight.

Wrinkle - Hunt VS JDS is easily the better fight.

Both men proved to be too much for mirko, while hunt made mirko run like condit the last time they fought, crocop was in his prime too at that point sooooooo

WAR HUNT Phone Post

This pride star is NOT DONE YET Phone Post


Ttt Phone Post

This would either be a war on the feet or a domination on the ground. Either way, I want to see it. The striking will be great and I think everyone is curious about Junior's ground game. Phone Post


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