There are a number of threads on sherdog talking about this match. How do you think will win. Personally I think Mark will knock Silva out.

Brad Morris

There has been no official word from Pride as yet but it would be an Awesome match if it goes ahead.


I am excited too should this happen! I'll give HUNT a punchers chance.


Mark left Auckland yesterday. i hope he can show Silva just how hard he hits as i think Silva will want to try and trade with him. If he does he will be in a world of hurt

Mark has been training with Marcello Rezende of Gracie-Barra Sydney, and has been training well. I think Silva will have a hard time taking Mark to the ground. This will be an awesome fight.

Don't mistake me me Mark is very capable of winning the match he has a HUGE weight advantage and IF he hits SILVA he will stay hit. If Vanderlai trys to stand with him as he did in his match with Mirko he is foolish, but remember the round structure V Mirko was 3's.

I would be very suprised if the odd makers don't reflect what I have said. Further I would throw a few lazy $$ on Mark as he does have a chance to KO him.

Not disscrediting marcello but, why is it that all the BIG K-1 guys like Mirko, Mark and perhpas Greco (correct me if wrong) attach themself to a BJJ guy? Mirko's success is largely due to the naturally skills he has of being able to stay on his feet. IMO a striker would be better off spending (hyothetically) 50% wrestling, 30% BJJ/SUB (submission defence awareness) and at the most 20% striking to keep his game alive or sharp.

People here may be able to comment re Mark or GRECO on this. How much wrestling do the do and at what level (trainers etc..)


Just my opinion, Silva should take this fight to the ground, this coming from his mates that hang with him in Liverpool.

Watch Sefo vs Hunt K-1 match, :-)

Hey yomamma, why the disrespect.

I commented previously that

"I think Silva will have a hard time taking Mark to the ground."

I made that statement for a number of reasons
1. Silva weighs in at about 95kgs, Hunt weighs in at about 125kg. Giving Hunt approximately 30kgs weight advantage.

  1. Hunt from what I have seen in training has good balance and is quicker than most poeple would give him credit for.

  2. I know for certain that Soa had trouble taking Hunt down during training, And Soa is a good grappler and a similar weight to Hunt and Soa has a hieght / reach advantage over Hunt. No disrespect to Soa, I am simply trying to highlight why I think Silva will have a hard time taking down Hunt.

  3. Hunt is very strong. I will be very surprised if Silva is stronger.

  4. Marcelo has been working with Mark on his takedown and submission defence.

I am not suggesting that Hunt will sub Silva.

And I realise that wrestlers are the best at takedowns. And Hunt would probably benefit from training with a specialised wrestling coach as well as training with Marcelo a bjj bb.

If the fight goes to the ground, Hunt will probably find it hard to bring it back up to standing agianst Silva's ground game. But as I stated earlier I believe Silva will have troble getting Hunt to the ground.

Sorry for being so defensive!

hey MTP! ...can you please send me an email?

matt cooper.

Good luck to Mark. Finally, Pride has matched Silva with one of the hardest hitters ever. If Silva gets hit its lights out. If Silva takes him down it's sub time.

How good would of it been if mark had of been given prep time for the fight?


i think 5 days is not a good prep for anyone going against Silva. With any luck he can keep it standing and KO him.

I think it has added alot to a card that was already awesome.

maybe one of, if not "the best" pride card ever

I think "on paper" it is the best card ever.

Bummer was I was actually invited to attend but I decided that I'd have time off over xmas :(


How much heavier is Hunt ? he must be atleast 250 pounds right ?


What were you invited to attend? The NYE show? and you said no? you
are joking right?