Hunt would have beat Yoshida

...if he had tried to sprawl and brawl instead or trying his hand at groundfighting. yoshida was unable to take hunt down and keep him on his back. he basically made the same mistake as sylvia and used the wrong gameplan. i think with time and better gameplans he could be a true force.

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agreed. also, his brute strength approach to defending submissions would have worked way, way better if his opponent hadn't been wearing a gi.
Anybody have any idea who Hunt might fight next?

Hunt's only mistake was that he accepted a nice bag yen.

Then again maybe he really needed it sooo perhaps it wasn't a mistake for him.

hunt needs a lot more bjj training before he steps into the pride ring again

Arona would have beat Rampage if he didn't hold on to the triangle.

Semmy would have beat Kharinatov if he didn't let him mount him.

Hieron would have won if he didn't let St. Pierre hit him in the face.

Blagh, blah, blah...

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i was informed he wants to fight mirco under pride rules.

Hunt would of also beat him IF yoshida had his hands down, closed his eyes and walked into him.

This holds true for every fighter that lost at either Pride or UFC.

but u can only sprawl so much until your back is against the ropes.

Hunt must of had no more than 4 months of BJJ training because at 5 months hed be able to tap any Judo BB.

i'm not saying hunt would have won if he had some skills that he didn't posses at the time. all he needs is a better gameplan. he could have won with his exsisting skills.

if it had been a real fight he would have

if it had been a real fight he would haveyeah if it was on the street Hunt would of won.heh.

by their second match Royce had like around 7 months BJJ and like 2 months Muay Thai.