HUnt-Yoshida ?

first off ya i think it was a work but if it wasnt didnt Yoshida the grappler deck Hunt

ya he floored Hunt

If by "deck" you mean didn't strike at all and went for the takedown then yes he did.

You may be thinking of Leko vs Ogawa.

no Yoshida decked Hunt with a punch not takedown

go watch the tape.Yoshida decked Hunt with a punch and dominated the entire 2 minute fight

You know that Yoshida is the big japanese guy who wears a gi right?

Yoshida took him down twice, but never knocked him down.

I think that he's confusing Ogawa/Leko with Yoshida /Hunt, or he's just busting balls.

Yoshida shot a double leg. Hunt fell on top of him. Yoshida tried a knee bar, no go. Grappled into position and subbed him with an arm bar.

Gardner came into the ring, and posed for pics with Yoshida. That's what I saw.

Someones smoked too much weed...

i could be wrong about the knockout its happened before but i do remember a one sided beatdown

Gardner came in the ring for High Octane, didn't he? Yoshida didn't fight on that card