Hunter Biden to meet with perspective buyers... lol

PeeWee’s Big Adventure is a comedic masterpiece. I mean this, and stand behind it, 100%. The writing is genius, and Ruben’s performance was epic.

It is a shame he got cancelled over some kitsch art and Rob Lowes sex tape.

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It’s OK. I’m not saying anything bad about Peewee. I loved that show when I was a child…when I was a child. I don’t really go for the over-the-top kiddie stuff anymore. I grew out of eating pizza rolls too.

I’m just giving you shit Zned. You made a thread making fun of people for eating a kid’s food, but you keep posting kid things you like.

But he’ll turn a blind eye to corruption lol. Real respectable adult!

The movie, not the show, and it isn’t a children’s movie.

I Cant Remember Pee Wee GIF

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Lol, ok, it’s just a coincidence that the Peewee character made it big time by entertaining children…and Zned.

Everyone loves PeeWee, especially the movie, which is for adults.

I am sorry I upset you over the Pizza Rolls thread. That being said, it doesn’t mean I am not right. It is children’s food at best.

I’m not upset, just poking fun at your hypocrisy. It’s just funny to think you look down on people for pizza rolls when you’re just as bad. And actually, I just assumed you were doing it to troll people, because who actually cares?

pee wee herman rebel GIF

Trolling is a ban-able offense.

It isn’t that I “care”.

It is just helpful advice.

So yes, maybe I do care.

About you.

Stop eating them.

I don’t really care for them. They don’t taste very good. What is pizza roll in baby talk, anyways? You should know.

So what do you have to say about OP? Or are you just here to deflect?

Ummm…how about…fake news! Still your president! And reeeee!

Piss off if you clowns think you deserve more than out after the how you behaved during the Trump years.

Haha just here to reeeeeeeeee like always.
Carry on, partisan hack

Yeah, you guys behaved like gentlemen during trump. It’s not like you and your party went full conspiracy theory nutbags.
This is why we all laugh at you, reezy

There are no consequences trump is a white supremacist, they’re corrupt sure but at least they’re not racist

I don’t know a single person in real life like you and the nyfags of this sight. God I love the flyover state of Iowa. But what a miserable cunt you must be.

What’s that you re smoking Mr Biden

Lol his finger painting will be bought for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The big guy gets 20%

Hope he ODs. Fuck him

The same people that were horribly incensed about Trumps family profiting from his presidency are predictably silent about this.

lol I’d bet my life on it being 50% or more. Selling access to the presidency carries a higher price than the VP.