Hunter Biden to meet with perspective buyers... lol

So, what do libbies think? Awfully silent here


Hunter Biden’s art dealer said he wanted to be the ‘lead guy in China’ in 2015

The White House has faced scrutiny over Hunter Biden’s art dealings

The article title leaves out he wants to be the lead art guy in China

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Where is everyone? This is good stuff! I guess I could use these crickets as bait.

Remember when Epstein got raided and the first thing they found was a HUGE painting of Bill Clinton wearing Monica’s dress? Clinton was surely aware of that. Epstein had so much dirt on him he could have gotten a BJ from the prez in the oval office if he demanded it. If you don’t think there is plenty of dirt being held over Biden and his crackhead son to make them do whatever the holders ask, maybe you should begin to consider it. It will come to light and the MSM will acknowledge it when they are ready to put Kamala in place.

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lol I don’t think they need any dirt. Creepy Joe and Kamala have ZERO power in the White House right now and I’d bet my life on that. The second Joe steps out of line, Pelosi enacts the 25th amendment and he’s gone. Now they might have something on Kamala for when she takes over though.

OG libs?

Hunter Biden was asked to respond to critics of his art selling scheme during an appearance on Nota Bene podcast.

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“Other than f*ck ‘em?” Hunter said.

Hunter claimed he didn’t set the prices of his garbage artwork ($75,000 – $500,000) and admitted it’s worthless trash.

“I would be amazed you know if my art had sold at, um you know, for $10.” -Hunter.

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I would be willing to bet that as bad as the art is, he’s not even the one painting them. The White House probably contracted some generic artist to churn these things out under a nondisclosure agreement. Hunter meets with the prospective buyers then it goes up for auction. Winner gets a private meeting with Joe for an hour. Then the “art” goes in the trash after they leave.

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Yeah, well… Trump was mean and triggered a bunch of maladjusted “adults” so I guess this is all justified.

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I just do not understand how our media is so hypocritical. If one of Trumps kids did this during his presidency their would be chaos. Dems would have a full blown investigation. This is influence peddling in plain site but with the Democrat propagandist MSM, it is completely ok and barely noteworthy.


Nah nothing shady about a talentless crack addict son of the president selling paintings for half a mil. I mean all he’s doing is sucking up paint in a straw and blowing it out and that’s a fucking talent? Fuck this bullshit.

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