Hunter Biden's Art Will Soon Hit the Market for Up to $500,000 Per Piece


Hunter Biden, my nigg%, why you charging Hennessy prices? LOL


The left openly flaunts criminal behavior of their own. The activist media are full on cult members that are bought and paid for by the left. They don’t care that the son of the sitting POTUS is a criminal that was taking kickbacks. They don’t care about being honest and only care about pushing a far leftist narrative built on lies.


When you raise a pedo.

“Son, but I’m tired and old”

“Dad, think of the pardons!”

So if you need a favor you buy a painting.

You get a tax write off for it.

Helps launder your ill gotten gains.

2 for the price of 1 if you trade in a 10 year old Chinese girl.

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Some of it actually isn’t too bad.

Is anyone else starting to like this guy?

Dude is making millions from Russians, Ukrainians, and Chinese for basically nothing.
Banging strippers while smoking rocks. And now he’s a successful artist?! The guy can’t miss!

Its the pedophilia that kills it for me…

Such an obvious pay for play scheme and a continuation of Joe and Hunter’s Ukraine corruption. Beyond treasonous.


It’s been proven throughout the years that the best artists are degenerate drug addicts.

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His art isn’t bad but how isn’t this viewed as bribery, especially when 10% is going to the big guy!

Money laundering 101. Oh you’re an “artist” no one has heard of but have powerful political family members? Sell your paintings for millions! Obviously it is totally normal for an “artist” that has never sold high value paintings to be in super high demand and be able to fetch hundreds of thousands for his mediocre art! (crack pipes sold separately)

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Great way to launder money. Some people like Hillary has to actually speak for an hour to get that sort of money