Hunter laptop delivers more. Hunter drops the N word

and you fucking most definitely have said it more then once

Spin what? Didn’t you notice you brought up the fact that I said I was a former racist and then claimed I’m the one who brings it up all the time?

But I’m never the one who brings it up.

Looks like he went sodium, not nickel.

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You’re also a current clown.

In this context I do not have a problem with it.

The problems with Hunter have nothing to do witb the n ward


this is actually funny not only bc it reveals some of Hunter’s “normal” side, but bc this is even an issue in the first place, when all mainstream Rap uses this word so much

everyone and their mother, in the past 5 years or so, suddenly became a “fan” of Wu-Tang and shit
people love Cardi B, etc…

very amusing

For some reason I thought of this.

If trump Jr had said this the liberals on here would be having a meltdown and the OG would be excusing it.
Crazy world

I don’t even care what he said amongst friends. Could care less. What I hate is the hypocrisy of the left and the media. There would be an absolute uproar if this was don jr. But instead the presidents son puts out a book about being a crackhead and not a peep is made.


Correct. A vs ER, but given his age at the time he does sound like a total tool.

Smartest guy Creepy knows.

Fact: being constantly high on crack cocaine has a 450% increase of a privileged white kid in his 40’s using the soft N word when discussing matters of self importance.

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The fact the lib media isn’t denouncing and condemning Hunter for using the N word tells me it must be okay to use it now.

Has the media asked Joe about this?

Has Joe condemned it or even spoken about it?

Its true, I read it in a book.

Media doesn’t care

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Nope. Instead his paintings are going on sale for 75K-500k each

Disgusting. I wish The Right would play dirty right now and spam this fact everywhere possible….but they won’t.

I had a friend during election who said the Hunter Biden laptop would cause trump to win and it was going to be a huge story. I told him that media will ignore completely. Well it was completely ignored except by NY Post and was marginalized as a “right wing sites are claiming” story (“right wing sites” is liberal euphemism for fake news).

The same will happen now.