Hunters paying to kill tame lions - South Africa

"Blood Lions" is a new documentary that exposes the multi-million dollar canned lion hunting industries in South Africa. Where lions are bred for the sole purpose of being hunted.

Video courtesy of Blood Lions

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Not cool! Poor lions. :( Phone Post 3.0

If you want to stop this allow white people to name them and everyone will be outraged. Phone Post 3.0

How do you get a thrill out of shooting a domesticated animal? It's like shooting someone's pet. Phone Post 3.0

Multimillion dollar industry??? Sounds win win to me.

Sadly these people are starving, lions seem like they'd be assholes let's be realistic... I'd rather someone raise one from the farm to get hunt and screw up a healthy pride in the wild... I think this is a good compromise Phone Post 3.0