Hunting crossbow recommendations???

The Missouri conservation dept might start letting hunters use crossbows during bow season. I don't know anything about crossbows and would like input on a decent crossbow that is also reasonably priced thanks Phone Post 3.0

I bought my first xbow this year, a 400$ barnet. Came from factory with a string 4!!!! Inches too short, strings popped off the cams trying to cock it. Traded up to a ten point, about 650$ and worth every penny, total quality. Phone Post 3.0

Old man has a ten point and it is the Cadillac of crossbows Phone Post 3.0

Btw, what part of the state you from? Phone Post 3.0

Ive got an excalibur, its a recurve. it's fast.

Positves: No changing pullies or extra strings, easy to string and unstring


Negative: has a larger spread than a compound, so  I imagine its not as nice in the  bush


Accurate as fuck within 60 yards, hit a quarter sized target consistently. Lots of fun, about $1100 with all the accesories and some bolts

The one I have (4 years old and still awesome):


The one I would buy today:

Get an entry level crossbow until u know for sure you like them.

U can grab them off CL for cheap Phone Post 3.0