Hunting dog attacked by wolves (vid)

Intense video of a hunting dog in Sweden that is scouting for moose, runs into a couple of wolves. The owner catches up to his dog at the end and scare the wolves off. The dog was severely wounded but lived. After a few surgeries it seems to be doing okay, but because of the severeness of the wounds it might not recover 100%. What a fighter though. It held it's own for 10 long minutes before being rescued. The dog breed is "jämthund", typical hunter dog for elk/moose. Phone Post 3.0

Damn didn't see any of them. Didn't know about the kevlar vest, thanks for the info. Phone Post 3.0

472CKL - Two other threads on this topic. The dog is wearing a Kevlar vest, or else it would be dead.
Regardless, I'm not down to scrap 2 wolves with a Kevlar vest, let alone 1 chocolate lab Phone Post 3.0