Any hunters here? Any advice for a newbie hunter other than don't shoot yourself?

Not even if I purchase the correct tag?

Give the deer a gun and see who can shoot who? Run little Bambi.

shoot me and email, i started to hunt about 5 years ago. i have a few spots and can help you out.

Shears, little Bambie's are not allowed.

If Bambie were ugly would you feel the same way?

karatemikeman, that's funny!
I thought that was Cheney's hunting partners fault?

LowOtis, I won't go out until next season because I want to spend a lot of practice time with the 30-06 I purchased. I will probably hunt mainly Mule deer, what do you hunt?

-hunt with experienced hunters-eat what you kill-can you handle your firepower,have you made out with your rifle??got to know it??you should!lol safety--be seen with bright colors!!! happy hunting---

Great points clinch, I plan on doing all of those. It's very important to me to make an ethical kill and if that means hours at the range the so be it.

Dougie, that's awesome! What bait did you use in that cooler of yours?

well i was skunked this year was to busy work and reffing, but i got my first mule last year and years before that 4 whitetails in a row. I have been a few other things like bear, moose and Elk. from time to time. there is a good forum for hunting like this one, but all about hunting, and you can ask any thing and most guys help you if you don't troll. I'll send you the link.

Thanks for emailing me that link LowOtis, I'll check it out.

Open feild by your house bcrusher?