Huntington Beach- School Questions

Hi all-

Quick question for those in the HBC area:

I have a friend who has a 14-year old son. He wants to start in BJJ, and possibly some MMA-type training (I have harped on fundamentals and a good BJJ foundation, but he is also excited to start some MMA training as most young kids are!).

Can someone recommend some good BJJ (MMA as secondary if applicable) schools in the HBC area? They are in northwest Huntington, but would be willing to go anywhere in Huntington as well. This need not be a "balls to the wall, next UFC champ" training ground, but somewhere a 14-year old can get some solid training and education.

McDojos needs not apply. :)

Thanks in advance for your help.

-R Furlano
BJJ Purple Belt


Tiki owns a gym right on Beach blvd and Yorktown. Its an awsome gym that has a long history of solid training. its where Tito used to train when he was comming up. They have BJJ and Muay Thai. good school for kids too. I would check out the Ultimate training Center if I were you. good luck in your search.

HB Ultimate Training Center is a great place. Tiki owns the gym and all the guys are great. Tito trains their along with Razor Rob, Rampage and many more. they have great BJJ classes and instructors. Their # is 714-593-9335.

Thanks for the feedback!


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