Hurricane wrecked gyms-need floor?

This may seem odd, But I was wondering if any of the Hurricane stricken gyms were in need of some sports flooring. I moved gyms recently and have about 1500 sq ft of Hardwood "sprung" flooring. It is only about a year old and is in great condition. Anyway, I was going to sell it, but I would really like to DONATE it to an MMA/BJJ gym if they are in need. The floor was about $8500.00 new and is awesome. It is similar to the floor they use in the NBA. We had our mats on top and you could really feel the difference on your joints. No sore knees, takedowns are a little more comfortable, plus it looks really nice and professional. I'm goin to look and see if there is a company that will take the donation for me, but if anyone here is interested, I'd rather give it to someone in the community.

By the way, if you want to see what the fllor is, here is a link.

thats one of the best offers ever posted on here, 8500 dollars worth of free flooring, man you should be sainted, i hope someone that needs this flooring gets a chance to see this offer and takes him up on it.




Well, I will write it off come tax time, so it's not like I get nothing out of it. So, let's not make me out to be a saint. I really like this floor, but /I have no need for it in my new gym. I'd really like to see it go to a school that will appreciate it.

By the way, it is pretty easy to install. Since it has been installed once already, there will be little to no sawing needed.


What a great offer.

regardless wheather you are just writing it off at tax time, or where just going to throw it away, you decide to offer it to someone 1. for no cost 2. the person that will take it is in dire need of it and is already in a stressful place in time.

I think that deserves a little a creditadation, pass on the sainting all you want, but for all the bs you see posted on here, it is nice to see someone make a geniune offer to someone that could use it.




ttt for a very cool offer.

wow that is prett cool! - ttt


ttt. there's gotta be a gym that could use this.

Thanks for keeping this toward the top. I gotta believe there is someone that could use this.


Did you try on the louisiana state forum? Give that a shot too.

Nice gesture. Flooring, and wood in general is one of the most needed resources after a disaster like this, and sellers sometimes gouge this shit of people.


Good thought, thanks!

Someone give this guy a blue name so he can go to the tapout forum!

No, I don't need a blue name. But, if a blue namer would like to repost it on other forums, please feel free. If I don't hear anythign in a few days, I'll probably just find a company that will take it down there as a donation.

Nothing, huh?

It's no rush. I'm just throwing it out there. I can sit on it for a few months if necessary. Hell, I've had it in storage for about 6 months. Just looking for the right thing to do with it. This seems like the right thing to do. The other option is for me to sell it and then I'll just donate the money. That seems a lot more difficult, though. I guess what ever works out best.