Hurt my back

My instructor showed no appreciation for my Roleta impersonation while were were sparring on Saturday. Instead of marveling in amazement at my inverted guard and helicopter sweep attempts like he was supposed to, he just folded me in half then twisted me in a knot as he passed my guard.

Somewhere in the midsts of all this, I pulled a muscle in my back. So I spent the rest of the day gimping around and gasping through my teeth every time it spasmed (every time I inhaled or exhaled, for example).

I was worried I wouldn't be able to train this week because of my injury.

But through the power of self-study and a book, I fixed it myself. Like magic.

Read how here.

And that's why older guys don't do upside down guard.

Last year I was doing some PeDePano cross guard showing off and I ended up messing my neck up bad!!!

I seriously effed up my back by going upside down so much working on it. Now I can barely train. Watch it!


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Thats is why I dropped all that fancy it has no value whatsoever for MMA and self defense.

Charles T Rose,

I disagree. I would NEVER go upsidedown as my first attack in either self-defense or MMA situtaion. Charuto is a good example of this vs. Trigg. He was all over Trigg until he decided to go upside down.

However, what going upside down does is enable you to learn to "roll" out of things. How to get back to guard from an awkward position. Counter getting stacked. Transition from their counter of your original attack, etc.

I would never use it as a first line of attacking, but I sure want to know what to do if I need it.

True... true.. a good transition or guard recovery if you get put there but I definately would not "play" this game or intentionally go for this position.

You should have just asked me to adjust you!

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"Stretch your penis by 3""
thanks for the info ,if i can ever help you let me know,
thanks again

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