Hurt my knee

My knee started to hurt after training today. I don't know if I just bruised it or if I twisted some ligaments. I didn't even remember hurting it but I kinda felt a slight discomfort like I just banged my knee hard on the mat or against my training partner. I continued to train a couple of minutes more then I sat down and rest and then when I got up it was little sore. About an hour later it was more sore. I have full range of motion with no pain at all. I can walk with a little pain but it hurts when I squat or put a lot of weight on it. Anyone know what it could be?


where is the pain. is it swollen.

its not swollen. Yesterday there was pain when I tapped the bottom part of my knee cap but now the pain has reduced. It hurts to the most when I put my right leg forward and bend on it.


Usually knee pain without swelling will resolve on its own with rest. You can rarely have a serious injury without swelling, but usually when tissue tears, it bleeds. Internal bleeding will cause swelling. No swelling, I would just rest and keep an eye on it. Pain that isnt improving after two weeks, ot that isnt resolved at 6 weeks, I would have looked at.

sim it could your medial colateral ligament. Does it hurt when you twist it sideways but fine when you walk in a straight line?

I have similar symptoms as yours/