Huslter Casino Monday night

I am hooking up with PR at Hustler Casino in Los Angeles for their $100 buyin, $10,000 Monday Nigh NL event. We are meeting at 6:30pm and the Tournament starts at 7:00pm.

We are also going to try to make it to Commerce Casion on Tuesday night (if headcheese will make it).

If anyone can make it, stop by.

how did you guys do?

PR never showed up.

Out of 150 people, I made it to 35. Top 20 made the money. My last hand was A9 losing to KJ all in preflop (I hit 9 he hit a K) oh well.

Sorry jman. Just got back and saw your emails. :(

I got there late. Made it at about 8pm. Got stuck in the monsoon and the LA traffic (who've apparently never seen rain before BTW) made it impossible to get anywhere.

It was ridiculous. I walked around the poker tables for a bit, but as I left for the trip before getting jman's description I was hoping he would see me.

You were probably deep in concentration or something. I thought about yelling, "the OG RULEZ!" but decided against it heh.

Me and my girlfriend ended up leaving LA on the Wednesday and headed out to Vegas for the rest of the trip.

No problem. I figured something came up for you.

I was at a table in the very far back left. Then around 10:00pm they moved me over to a table at the very far back right so I couldn't really see anyone. I was looking for you, but didn't see anyone with a red KEWL hat.

Hope you had fun in LA & Vegas, later.