I was just wondering if anybody has heard any new info about this game I just checked IGN and they said it was coming out the 25th of october. That really doesnt seem right since there hasnt been all that much new info released about the game to my knowledge. does anybody else have any new info about this game that they have heard?



The last video I saw of it, it looked like a poor man's Unreal Tournament.

 hmm thats not good wasnt a fan of UT guess ill just wait for the reviews and see what the different sites say

 i have a feeling its going to be a vaporware.

I doubt it is ready for release anywhere near Oct or even in 08. The last vids I saw of it were not too flattering

 Awseome concept, but everything I've seen so far looks like shit

What's the concept

How would I describe it- kind of like a cross between World of Warcraft and Halo.

You create a player with different races/classes like WoW, but it's a first person shooter in a futuristic setting.