HVLP paint and stain spray gun: TME

I have a few projects I would like to tackle. Paint front door, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, a playroom, and stain over a deck that needs some TLC

I have never used any kind of paint sprayer. Is a HVLP the way to go? Anything I should know before getting into this? I have zero experience painting or staining outside of a couple of small woodworking projects.

I was looking at this one

Tell me everything I need to know about jumping into these kinds of projects.

Dont waste your money on anything made by wagner. HVLP sprayers under $500 and your asking for issues.

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Paid $200ish for my Wagner. I’ve painted my entire house and shop with no issues.

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really? damnit. any specific models you recommend? is HVLP even the way to go?

Home Depot carries a Fuji Semi-pro 2 that is supposed to be a decent sprayer for $500. Fuji makes MUCH better guns than Wagner. That semi-pro model looks like a good affordable option.

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I’ve heard good things about the Avanti stuff at Harbor Freight.

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I’ve only ever used graco but they are a bit expensive for most diy’ers. You can rent units from your local depot. If you do decide to purchase a lower end unit then splurge on a nice gun and a few different sized tips. If you have the cash then splurge on a Graco finishpro 7.0. They are under $800.

The most important thing is thinning your spray material correctly and pressure adjustment.

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I bought one from harbor freight on sale for 50 bucs and love it.

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