HW Grand Prix FIghters records against each other

I think this is right, correct me if I'm wrong


Werdum (3-2) wins over Overeem, Fedor and Big foot, losses to Kharitonov and AA

Fedor (2-1) wins over Rogers and AA, loss to Werdum

Kharitonov (2-1) wins over Werdum and Overeem, loss to Overeem

Overeem (2-2) wins over Rogers and Kharitonov, losses to Werdum and Kharitonov

AA (1-3) win over Werdum, losses to Fedor, Rogers and Big Foot

Rogers (1-2) win over AA, losses to Fedor and Overeem

Big Foot (1-1) win over AA, loss to Werdum

Barnett (0-0)

thanks, updated

Honestly when laid out like that it looks like we may have some very interesting matchups.
There's been a bunch of guys beating others from the 8.