HW Jon Jones Needs A New Nickname

As a HW, “Bones” no longer makes sense for him.

So I hereby propose “Black Lightning” - because a mug shot of Jones that is all over facebook clearly shows him as 6’6", not 6’4", and Cress Williams, who of course portrays Black Lightning, is 6’6".

“Black Lightning” is a totally awesome show, BTW - as is its fellow Monday night CW entry, “All-American.”

Jon “ Hides Under the Ring to Avoid Piss Tests” Jones!

Jon “Hit and Run but Later Returns to the Scene of the Crime to Retrieve his Stash” Jones!

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Is it too late for him to go with Martian Manhunter?

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Jon G.O.A.T bones jones!

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picked on Jon. because everyone gives him a hard time for things he did wrong, when he’s honestly past caring.

Jon Jones, the Dickpill Piston
Jon get-out-of-jail card Jones
Jon free house Jones
Jon inappropriate discharge Jones


Magnum JJ

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Jonny “Shitload of Condoms” Jones

Have you seen his calves? Bones still suits him just fine

Big Jon Bones Jones

AKA Double BJ

Jon ‘Pico Ho’ Jones

Jon ‘Neva Atones’ Jones

Jon ‘Bon Juvie’ Jones

I read the first one as Jon Jones - the Dillpickle Piston. And I thought you were just posting a stupid nickname because you said he’s past caring. Anyways it made me laugh and I kind of like it.

Jon “Duck Bones” Jones

John “The Juice” Jones

And Black Lightning is SHIT

Lunch Meat cuz that’s what Ngannou is gonna turn him into if they ever fight…

This is a cash grab by Jones because he can’t win at 205 without the sauce anymore.

Probably Jon “pricing myself out of a great payday” Jones

Guy could easily win 10 mil in this negotiation, that’s a great second to last payday, and he’s starting from a point of turning that down.

Obviously his last payday is going down and fighting Jan, after losing to Ngannou if he doesn’t cost himself this fight.

His nickname is hs was jon jigga jones. Can we bring that back?

What’s wrong with his old nickname?


Jon “sociopath-asshole” Jones