HW Toney vs Prime Tyson

I actually think Toney wins fairly easily. 

Lol, no.

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And I am a hugh Toney fan.

Tyson was a maniac in prime that I dont think Toney. Could have handled.

ChimpFL -

Tyson was a maniac in prime that I dont think Toney. Could have handled.

U realty think Toney would’ve been intimated by the Tyson aura ? Toney backed down from absolutely nobody!

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Toney woulda gotten the shit beat out of him but stayed in there

Nobody with the frame of a tiny guy could take Mike's punches.

It would have been fun to see Tyson vs Toney or Roy Jones Jr. Close fights if they can survive the first 6rds with Tyson.

I could envision Toney winning a decision. It's possible. Toney had a great chin and even better defense. If I had to put money on the fight I would take Tyson though.


dinkledorf -

It would have been fun to see Tyson vs Toney or Roy Jones Jr. Close fights if they can survive the first 6rds with Tyson.

on Tyson vs Jones:

TXEMC1 - And I am a hugh Toney fan.

Hugh Toney wasnt as good as James Toney though


Two of my favorite fighters and I've never thought of that matchup. I'd say Tyson but by UD...he doesn't knock toney out. He took Samuel peters punches no problem. You'd be hard pressed to find a fight where toney was ever even really hurt.

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TXEMC1 - And I am a hugh Toney fan.

Are you? Really? Huge Toney fan? Come on dude. Nobody gives a shit about Toney.

Tyson at his best when Jacobs and Rooney were still around, was a focused and disciplined fighter. He would stick to his gameplan and not show in-ring frustration.

I'm a huge fan of James Toney, but the Tyson from his initial run was a special fighter that would have been a tough fight for any HW.

Tyson IMO.

Toney vs Jirov one of my favorite fights.

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Toney would have easily beat Tyson. he wooped the shit out of evander and Tyson had nothing for Holyfield.

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Toney was so much mentally stronger, Tyson crumbled when he couldn't bully his opponent.  But at the same time Toney was lazy as fuck, he had some terrible fights at middleweight against some mediocre fighters.  

I usually avoid what if threads, but this one is pretty clear cut to me. Tyson would have won handily.

You may be thinking that Toney could shoulder roll Tyson’s right hand and counter with his own straight right or right uppercut. After all, Holyfield did this repeatedly and Toney’s shoulder roll was better. However, Toney was much less mobile than Holyfield. Tyson would have gotten an angle on either side and battered Toney first to the body and then to the head. Toney would have went down, probably early. When Toney moves his head, he always rolled in such a way that his body was stuck in place. Usually, he could defend this with the arm of his low lead hand, but a mobile fighter that would get to the side would get to his body. Jones did this to him but without the power or combinations that Tyson would have brought. Also, when Toney rolled, you could hit him on the back of the head if you looped the punch. You could make an argument that this is illegal if you are targeting the back of the head, but you could also argue that Toney was turning his back to an opponent whichis also illegal. Peter managed to crack Toney numerous times this way , and I am sure that Tyson would have been willing to do the same, but he wouldn’t have had to because he would have already gotten around the immobile Toney and crushed his body.

Tough for James. Someone asked Holyfield this question and he said Tyson no doubt

The version of Toney that beat Jirov and then stopped Evander Holyfield in a very onesided fight would have stopped Tyson in about 6-8 rounds. The fatter out of shape Toney that beat Ruiz wins an ugly decision.

  Toney was more technically skilled than Mike. After two or three rounds and Mike starts to slowdown a fraction, his advantages in handspeed and power start to disappear. Toney was sneaky with his bodyshots and that would have helped empty Mike's gastank.

  James is vastly more mentally strong than Mike and Tyson would know it. Mike would barely be able to get James to respect him, but no way he could intimidate him. I think if anything James would have Mike a biy nervous. Mike isn't dumb and he was very knowledgable about boxing. Evander was able to mentally break Mike down twice, and Toney brokedown Holyfield.

  its a terrible matchup. The guys that gave James the most trouble were quick on their feet and forced James to try and catchup to them. His one weakness was he wasn't the fastest on his feet. The way he rolled on righthands and bend at his waste hurt his mobility. With Tyson though, he wouldn't be having to chase him down. Mike would come right to him. James was never a real power puncher, his timing and accuracy is what made him dangerous. I don't think he hurts Mike too much early, it would be a more systematic breakdown. I don't think there is anyway Tyson could have beaten him.

 Tyson vs Tua was the matchup I wanted to see. Mike had a significant advantage in hand and footspeed. By 1996-97 though Mike was slowing down. That fight could have been bombs away.

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