Hwar Do?

Found this website. On it the guy claims to have won a no-holds-barred tournament in Korea. Anyone know anything about this? Seems shady.

everything in korea is shady. soju(sp)

Fine... and you?


Sounds like a great setting for a Kung Fu flick

soju (SP) is koreans version of moonshine. cheap, nasty and makes you blackout.



Video that shows his Wolrd Championship you won. Althoguh you have to watch a lot of stuff to get to it. He actually won with a submission hold.

I trained there for a year and got a purple belt around 1998 or so. No lie. He has 6 or so schools in the No Va area.


I started there as a kid at his main school in Centreville around 1993 and left a year or two later.  Zipp is correct, absolute belt factory embarassment to TMA (as if TMA needed to be embarassed).  His website is priceless though, it has the same exact videos/demonstrations posted that he used to market himself 15 years ago.

I ran into a guy at my local community college in 2002 or so that had been with Hwar-Do for years and made his way up to 4th degree black.  We spoke for a little while and I told him that I used to go to his school before taking up Kenpo and then finally found a BJJ school (I'm actually embarassed to admit to taking TMA classes).  He spent the better part of 30 minutes trying to convince me that if you continue to train in Hwar-Do (5 years or so), eventually you become more of a well rounded fighter than MMA guys.  Keep in mind that I never once said anything to bait him into a discussion of "style vs style", he just began talking as if he felt the need to qualify why he was still with that school when it was obviously designed for kids.

These fucking people just don't know when to let go