Hydroxychloroquine vs Vaccine vs Virus risks

We have become stats obsessed. We are looking at a virus with a 99%+ survival rate that has the planet terrified. What are the risks with hyrdroxychloroquine? Is there a greater than 1% chance of mortality if you take it? What about vaccines? What is the typical risk of mortality on a vaccine? I mean we hear all the time in commercials “may cause your eyes to bleed, your penis to fall off and suicide in some patients...” for just about everything. 

If we were gamblers it seems like rolling the dice on Covid might be our best odds. 

well seeing as people have been taking HDXC for decades and the media and medical community havent said a goddamn thing about it, I think its safe to take as long as you dont show preexisting conditions that might render it a bad idea (heart issues etc).

SpunQ -

As I posted in another thread


Person 1 "hey I'm sick with HCQ, what can I do?"

Person 2 "take some hydroxychloroquine!"

Person 1 "you crazy? That'll kill me!"


You get the point.


Then the bigger question. What are the mortality rates on typical vaccines? I mean 16,000 people die and over 100,000 have serious interactions from ibuprofen every year. Is the typical mortality rate of a vaccine going to be greater than .5-1%?