Hyped About Griffin vs Bonnar 2?

they said this was the fight we've been asking for...

I didn't ask for it, did you?

I really didn't ask for it.


I think they waited too long - people don't care about it that much anymore, but might have liked to see Stephan get a second chance to correct the judges' decision in the first fight if it had been within 6 months or so

not really.im more excited about yushin okami's debut and hermes franca vs. varner.

you have a good point, Sijan, they didn't give the fight WHEN people wanted to see it.

Dana (tonight): "To me this will be the most anticipated rematch in UFC history."

not interested at all.

The question was about bonnar v griffin 2

Hyped about Bonnar losing 2 straight fights.

didn't really give a sh*t when it was announced, although it probably be a nice slugfest again

this is the first ever ufc that i will not be buying (besides those that i couldn't in the 20's)