Hyperloop levitating people mover

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Bullet trains are nothing new.

Neither is the undeliverable promise to install them in the U.S.

& it’s goofy to clickbait them with the word “levitation”.

I was riding bullet trans as a kid in Japan and I’m 40 yrs old

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That would be awesome but id never get on it. Not after the fucking big ass swing shit that came down in Canada.

“We need these obscene profits for research and development”

-shitty company that supplies zero innovation

These seem a bit more advanced than the old bullet trains, no?

Even 2015 (latest test I found googling ) had maglev trains maxing out just over half this speed.

Why aren’t there bullet trains in the Us if japan was doing it in the 80s if they were so advanced?

No clue. Probably Obama’s fault.

The Airless vacuum tubes are somewhat scary. One rip in the tube and your pod hits a wall of air at over 600 MPH.

Unworkable pie-in-sky prototype.

More advanced as in more expensive & therefore even less practical & likely? Yeah, for sure.

And here comes this guy to shit all over everything as always.

Define: malcontent…

Don’t bother with him.