Hypocrisy in MMA media and why I love the UG!

 So just a few minutes ago, I clicked on a website that has sat on my Favorites bar for about 3 years now. As the last year or so has passed, I've found myself frequenting the site less and less. Today was the last straw.

Jonathan Snowden at bloodyelbow.com just put another story up (his umpteenth) that detailed his frustrated and angry view toward the UFC  -- one that is also mirrored by the majority of the writers who seem to be working for BE now. The article took a situation that just occurred in the NBA (Kobe Bryant throwing a gay slur at a ref...I don't even know what gay slur was used because the press won't even use asterisks anymore...they just say "gay slur") and tried to compare this to a potential such scenario in the UFC.


Of course, to the guys who are nw working at BE (and half of the angry uncredentialed MMA media), Dana White is the evil overlord who is setting a bad example and not censoring or censuring his fighters the way he should and he's a bad human who kills rabbits and beats his children with a reed before reading them bedtime stories every night. 

They complain and complain and try to find and exploit every opportunity to make the UFC look bad. Whatever. Fine. Don't watch the product if you don't like it. I don't care. 

Here's my problem -- they complain about the censorship Dana White does. What a horrible dude! He doesn't want to credential "journalists" writing scurrilous stories using unnamed sources (cough...Loretta..cough). That's his perogative. You want to bash him on that..ok, cool!

But why are you then moderating your comments section to the point of Naziism? It's a ridiculous double standard. 

I posted a simple "Waaaaa! Gay slur police to the rescue!" comment in jest with a picture of a crying girl underneath. Guess what, deleted. Then I'm warned by a new writer named Tim Burke that I was doing the wrong thing. 

I've been going to that site longer than most of these guys have been writing for it and never had a problem for a long time speaking my mind (whether jokingly like the comment above or otherwise. Suddenly, over the few months, many readers have been banned from the site for simply stating their opinions. The site has now been removed from my favorites list and I will never be reading anything written by Bloody Elbow again.

I love MMA.tv because people are allowed to post their opinions and joke around and, as long as they're not going too far overboard, it's A-OK. There's a fine line that needs to be drawn. Sherdog does not do a good job moderating. This site, however, is exemplary. I really just want to thank Kirik and all of the mods for giving us a forum to speak our minds and share words and information about our favorite sport. 

Thanks for reading and I wish all of you here at the UG a great day!



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