Hypothetical Situation: You can end pandemic if Biden can have a sleepover with your daughter

What do you do?

The pandemic continues. Wear those masks and get vaccinated ppl


Sorry everyone, mask wearing and forced vaccines for everybody!

1.5 years down.
∞ to go.

I agree and then kill the pedo

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man you must really hate masks

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Pandemic less dangerous to daughter


Do bratty stepdaughters count?

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Give biden a glass of warm milk and watch him fall asleep in his chair. My daughter goes to her room and locks the door. Goodbye covid

I don’t even have a daughter and the answer is no


I didn’t say when I kill him. My thought is about 4 seconds after he shows up.

But yeah I hate masks

I guess it would depend on the age of my daughter.

The world can burn before I make that deal

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Considering I don’t personally give a fuck about the “pandemic,” this is a no-brainer.

No kids at all and I’d let every motherfucker on earth die before giving someone a free chance to molest/rape my daughter.

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Bruce Willis Wtf GIF

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