I almost bought the PPV...

Then realized I only wanted to see one fight and decided to watch the Lakers instead.

Anyone have anything to say about it?

what ppv?

The Fedor vrs Randy PPV. DUH!

Strikeforce I'm assuming

Strikeforce isnt PPV.

hmm I don't know thats the only show tonight I know of.

He is talking about next weeks UFC and the Laker game tonight.


He's talking about boxing.

I think.

Boxing = on HBO.

"Riddle me this Batman?"

-The Joker


Is this guy talking about ordering guy on guy porn?

Good luck with the swordfighting dude.....I'm sticking with HDnet tonight

""Riddle me this Batman?"

-The Joker"

You were going to order Brokeback Mountain so you can see Heath one
last time?

We don't get HDNet in Lansing, Rappy :(


we need to ttt this everytime there is a PPV.

You mean everytime there isnt a PPV.

"You mean everytime there isnt a PPV."

How about now?