I almost forgot how fun it was to see...

MAB ho slap Hamed.

Sorry about the music, mute is your friend.

I highly recommend you tarts read 'Shadows of Boxing: Prince Naseem and Those He Left Behind'. It's written by the head of psychology at Manchester University (IIRC) who knew Hamed and his goons socially and basically spells out in the book that Hamed was a psychopath.

the way he went out against mab and then the wreck later on cemented my opinion that he was basically a head case

Is he still a giant fat guy?


^ oh lord!!! Phone Post

Last I heard of him he was manager of a boxer or two.

And he was also expelled from one of Frank Warren's shows for starting a fight with someone.

^^ you read the book I mentioned? It's very good.

Hamed was a prick, but he could punch hard. It's usually not a good combination. I enjoyed the MAB destruction of his aura, so this brings back fond memories.

Looks like Alfonso Ribeiro in that pic.