I Almost Got Jacked

Some dick on the UG offered some shit. I accepted and sent him more than 300. Nothing arrived, so Paypal gave me back my money.

You got to less us know who.

Not Cam, but of course he is from Canadia

It wasnt for some UFC 71 posters was it?

Amongst others

If it is who I am thinking of he tried to rip me off too.

fuckin a.

TTT for an ID, or drop me an email if you would rather not list here...

email me too if your scurred to name a trick!

I'll let you guys know it was bobsappfan for me.He didnt get any money from me just tried to up the price.He was selling posters for $10 each but when I told him I wanted some he said someone offered him $25 each so I could have them if I paid more.If you have 50+ posters saying you want $10 each why would someone say $25 for all 50.

BSF it was. We agreed I was buying 125 full size posters for 650 or so. I don't exactly remember/ I sent him 325 up front. BEing through similar deals in my Sublime collector deals, I would only send half upfront, the rest when they showed. They never did, so I got my loot back from PP

Glad you got your money back.

Me too. Now, I just need a Wii for my 9 y.o. and all is well.