I almost just ate an entire oversized whoopie pie

Maybe 85% of it . A regular one is enough to kill you. This one was gigantic . Fuck you to my sister who gave it to me tonight for no reason. It got warm and filling got all over it my bad

Someone go eat 3000 calories of sugar and trans fats to join me in hell please

This is how big it was in context . My heart vessels are tightening . So who has eaten a Whoopie pie? It’s a Maine and Pennsylvania thing not sure where else

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that looks gross lol

you must feel awful haha are you baked?

It’s pumpkin one . No it’s great it just got warm and when I rewrapped it at their house I smudged cream all over cake part. No I’m dead sober. Wanna die honestly

I see your diet is going well :joy::joy:

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That thing was probably ripped off from the “Moon Pie” we have in the South but Moon Pies suck and that looks better anyway.


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We got whoopie pies in MA. Haven’t had one since I was kid, why you gotta mess up my diet Gritty? Might hit the bakery after work.

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She would love for you to eat her pie

Looks good to me