I am a bad person

 We just killed Thrall. I feel dirty.


word! congrats twunt. well done :)

the horde is a pestilence that can only be cured with cold steel and the cleansing power of the Light and Elune. Do not worry yourself with the death of a foul orc leader.

I'm so sad.

I haven't played this game in 2 years but my blood boils reading this. You will pay Twunt. You will pay.



His make-up and hairstyle are so 2008. He's not fabulous at all. spoken with a gay lisp

Last time I went on a "For the Alliance" run, we saved Orgrimmar for last - there were probably 40-60 horde waiting in Thrall's chamber for us. I must have thrown up 30 seeds of corruption in quick succession. When they all exploded, it was a thing of beauty (and carnage). 

anyone play alliance on a good server right now?

If you are so tough why don't you go kill Saurfang

 It was 40 steve, 60 is how far you got in the game.

 Human pally named retregret tried to gank me last night when i was doing dailies in icecrown. It was the one where you take the robot up the mountain the plant the flag and he tried to crush the robot. Well, he did then I popped out and raped his pretty, pink ass and shoved my cock so far up his ass it hung out his mouth. Then I logged on another account and told him to delete his toon because he couldn't kill a hunter with his OP ret pally.

Check this fag out


More fun than killing faction leaders imo

twunt -  It was 40 steve, 60 is how far you got in the game.