I am a blue namer now!!!

Now enjoy this great movie scene!

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TTT, now post some hot ladies as well!

Dammit the Anita Blonde pictures arent showing up! Shister!!!

Can't forget the brunettes though :-)

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Good start!!!! welcome.

Lol your blue i'm not


The rest of the pictures! Anita Blonde rules!

TTT! Btw, I should have those shirts for you by this weekend!

Heddy = A great man and a great model American!! TTT for MMA Fanatics!

sellout :)

Lebowski and honey shots? What kind of degenerates do you think we are?

that last chick really brought the room together...

Sorry immaculata! But it had to be done! How else would I post of pictures of smoking hot babes?

Misedukatd, we are straight men! MMA, The Big Lebowski, and hot women are what we stand for!

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I feel good that even after years of internet porn, random pictures of hot girls still make me happy. I was afraid I would get jaded.

Last thing to make this man's thread complete! A little bit of this!

Thanks Capn!

At least we know ur not a homo :)